Discover why Tethys is the Next Step for Digital ID

Learn how Tethys enables the next step in digital transformation. Download the Tethys white paper to discover the main features, use cases, and potential of Tethys for your organization.

Why is digital identity so vital?

Ā Paper and plastic-based identity management processes can be cumbersome, costly to maintain, and prone to slow identity information update. It is even harder in todayā€™s digital world, where information must be shared across multiple systems and organizations.Ā 

Tethys is introduced as a ubiquitous digital solution that can easily integrate into organizations via smartphones and CRM access to facilitate information gathering and sharing at the highest security levels. In addition, Tethys digital identity aims to modernize traditional identity management systems.

How Can Organizations and Government Services Use Tethys for Digital ID Management?

Governments and large organizations can use Tethys to identify individuals with a single ID number each person can share across government departments and with private organizations.

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Tethys Makes Digital Transformation Possible

Tethys works by using biometric information collected through facial captures to identify and recognize individuals. AlphaLabs makes it possible to connect health cards, driver's licenses, passports and other identification documents to one universal medium available in smartphones.

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Is Tethys Better for Individuals?

Absolutely. Imagine a society where people can prove their identity with a quick scan instead of a hunt through the car or their purse for a piece of plastic. Imagine a time when digital records move seamlessly with everyone and no one wastes time filling in repetitive forms. Thatā€™s the promise of digital identity systems.Ā 

Tethys is the first and best digital identity system to be commercially available across Canada.

Paper and plastic cards can be easily lost, stolen prone to identity theft. Biometric data collected through facial recognition ensure every digital identity is connected to the right person.

Individuals present a piece of identification 1-2 times per week on average. Tethys offers one more option to identify individuals digitally. The digital options reduce the need to carry materialized paper and plastic IDs and share information more conveniently.

Identity verification process can be tedious and complex due to the lack of centralization between the competent organizations. The Tethys Ecosystem creates a knowledge hub connecting the competent organization together allowing a safer and faster exchange of information.

Single-use ID cards weights 30 to 40 grams of plastic. At global scale there are hundreds of millions tones of plastic thrown away every year by lack means of reutilization. Tethys can help protect the environment by creating a long term digital solution allowing communities to move away from plastic waste to embrace a global dematerialized solution.

Tethys: Building a Secure Identity for Citizens

The Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada put forward 10 principles for digital identity in Canada. Tethys meets and exceeds all 10 principles.

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Help Us Build a Smarter Future

Tethys is not just about an ID app. We want to cooperate with you to create more efficient and enjoyable community technologies. Tethys can help governments reduce inefficient bureaucracy, cut wasted spending, and deliver better services. Tethys can help hospitals and service providers offer the right benefits to the people who need them most. Tethys can help save every person time, money, and effort by connecting us to useful innovations. Read More

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