Use Cases

Finance and Taxes

 Data Curation

Financial institutions looking to curate customer databases to provider better services can offer the e-ID mobile app to match records with recent and maintained informations.

Health Care 


Health care service providers struggling to identify customers to track cases have the ability to provide the digital ID and integrate the solution with a CRM website.

Online Retail 


Online retailers facing high returns for miscellaneous  reasons can implement the FACE ID payment solution to verify the customers identity during the purchase process.



Insurer thriving to provide accurate and robust claim processes are now able to identify customers via the FACE ID API to face fraud and identity theft issues.

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Value Proposition

Accelerating the Digital Transformation

Organizations relying on the web to interact with their customers are struggling to come up with an effective solution to curate their data in order to understand users behaviour.

We provide analytical insights solutions to help these organizations identify and understand their customers' habits, behaviour.

It only takes 12 prescriptive dashboards to get started. The sign-up is free.

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Tethys Face ID API

Safe and convenient ID verification Identity is at the core of all online services, weather it is to provide access to an online market place, to process payments or to have better insight into your customers preferences via e-KYC.

The Tethys Face ID API is online identity gateway using biometrics through facial recognition in order to offer a higher security level to organizations and consumers.

The Safest ID verification solution

The e-ID is a digital identification system based on artificial intelligence. It uses the latest technologies in the market to ensure that transactions are safe. The biometric based approach ensures of the identity of each user thereby provides clarity and safety for business processes. 

Credit cards are consistently attacked by hackers via decrypting a set of numbers, the e-ID offers a seamless level of biometric informations protection, the biometric information are then used as single key operator to identify, authenticate, provide access and make safer payments. 

The Tethys e-ID App

Your digital ID on your phone for convenience, speed and worry-free events to enjoy with your friends and family

Support the vision

The Tethys e-ID is inspired by the desire to help communities and businesses with the use of constructive technologies. Read more about our human-centered vision, your donations will be used to achieve the following objectives. Read More


Tethyseid Facial Recognition App Work flow | Tethyseid

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