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Why is digital identity so vital?

Identity management can be difficult with paper-based processes, and it is even harder in today’s digital world where we share our information across multiple platforms. 

Traditional systems can be clumsy to use, costly to maintain, and less effective for the user.

How many ID documents do we really need?

Current systems are not shared across organizations and departments. This leaves citizens with multiple forms instead of a single, useful identifier that can provide identity information everywhere it’s needed.

Why don't we have a secure ID for everyone?

Security against data breaches and privacy violations is a growing concern. Theft in Canada increased by 43.5% from 2016 to 2019. Paper and plastic systems are vulnerable because documents can be lost, stolen, or even copied.

Why is updating our data such a tedious user experience?

Multiple identification systems cause another problem: keeping information current. How many organizations and departments does a person need to inform when they move house? Why should the number be greater than one?

Why can't we build a secure system?

The most common form of theft is new account fraud. Criminals use readily accessible information to open a new account in someone else's name. Victims may be unaware of these accounts for months, or even years because the criminals leave no sign of their behavior.

What about the hassle of showing ID documents?

Surveys show the average person has to produce their driver's licence 1-2 times per week. People use other paper documents, such as passports, health cards or employee cards, frequently as well.

Why can't we use information efficiently and helpfully?

How can government services, businesses, and organizations identify usage patterns without info? Paper and plastic cards don't provide any info to track without even more manual paperwork.

How Can Organizations and Government Services Use Tethys for Digital ID Management?

Governments and large organizations can use Tethys to identify individuals with a single ID number each person can share across government departments and with private organizations.

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Tethys Makes Digital Transformation Possible

Tethys is an electronic system that provides a universal identification number to anyone who needs it. Tethys works by using biometric data, such as a facial scan, to create a unique biometric identifier linked to an individual. Their identifier connects to information about the individual such as their name, date of birth, and current address. Tethys does not keep any other personal data.

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Is Tethys Better for Individuals?

Absolutely. Imagine a society where people can prove their identity with a quick scan instead of a hunt through the car or their purse for a piece of plastic. Imagine a time when digital records move seamlessly with everyone and no one wastes time filling in repetitive forms. That’s the promise of digital identity systems. 

Tethys is the first and best digital identity system to be commercially available across Canada.

Paper and plastic cards can be lost, stolen, or put through the washer. A Tethys digital identity is indestructible. Biometric data, such as fingerprints and face scans, ensure every digital identity is connected to the right person.

The average Canadian shows their driving license 1-2 times per week. Employee ID cards, health cards, and other ID are also required regularly. Tethys eliminates the need for carrying these bits of paper and plastic. A simple smartphone app can prove identity. Forgot

Applying for a new bank account, a loan, or any official act requires proof of identity. Instead of dragging out two utility bills or a passport, citizens can open an app on their phone and provide proof of identity and address in seconds.

Tethys doesn’t need to be recycled or thrown into a landfill every few years. ID cards are only 30-40 grams of plastic, but there are hundreds of millions of them. Tethys can help us all protect the environment just a bit.

Tethys: Building a Secure Identity for Citizens

The Digital Identification and Authentication Council of Canada put forward 10 principles for digital identity in Canada. Tethys meets and exceeds all 10 principles.

Use Cases

Help Us Build a Smarter Future with e-ID

Tethys is not just about an ID app. We want to cooperate with you to create more efficient and enjoyable community technologies. Tethys can help governments reduce inefficient bureaucracy, cut wasted spending, and deliver better services. Tethys can help hospitals and service providers offer the right benefits to the people who need them most. Tethys can help save every person time, money, and effort by connecting us to useful innovations. Read More


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