API Integration

How to Integrate TethysFaceID gateway with your Project:

When you are ready to install the FaceID Gateway on your website or in your app, you simply follow these instructions. There are five steps to follow, and they should be within the abilities of your web developer or team.

Start with Your License Keys

The first step is to acquire your license keys. Every subscriber receives a secret key and a license key. You will use each one during the installation process. Once you receive them, you will add a button to the relevant location to create a Face ID request.

Steps to follow..
1. Contact Our Team to be provided your Secret and Licence Key

2. Add the following button as Face ID request event:

 <button id="myButton" type="button">Tethys Auth</button>

<script type="text/javascript">
 document.getElementById("myButton").onclick = function ()
 location.href ="https://tethysfaceid.com/?access_key=acc_key&license_key=licence_key";

3. Include the access key and licence key in the URL parameters like this:

2- Face Compare API’s Details:

Face Compare powers the Tethys FaceID app. Once you have set up your request button, you can add the settings for the Face Compare API.

Url: /facecompare

API endpoint:

Request Type: Post

CORS : Cors enabled from the backend for the browser support


This API exposes the user to a biometric match, the user will upload a live picture which will be analyzed against the biometric records in the database. The liveness process helps verify the identity of the user at time of submission. An error response will be returned if the biometrics do not match.

3- Face Compare API Request Structure:

Your request to the Face Compare API should use the following parameters.

This API takes the following parameters in its request Header
● licence: licence key provided by our team.
● access_key: access_key provided by our team.

This API takes the following parameters in its request body

● id: userId of the user
● username: tethys username
● picture : encrypted image used for comparison with the users image

Request Header:

"licence":"licence key",
"access_key":"access key",

Request Body:


4 - Face Compare API Response Structure:

Response Body:
● similarity: boolean
If the user image (sent in URL matches with the database image then the value shown will be true otherwise false
● id: userID of the user
● username: tethys username
● message: message according to Failure or Success

1. If all the parameters sent in the post requests are valid then the response body will be as follows :

"message":"Successfully Verified Face Authentication.",

2. If licence and access key are not valid then response body will show this:

"message":"Unauthorized User"

3. Incase of username or ID is not valid

"message":"Invalid ID or UserName"

5 - Demo App For the Tethys FaceID App:

You can test out the FaceID app with our demo software. This is an easy way to check how the FaceID will work with your requirements.

We also have a demo app for Tethys FaceID with the https://www.tethyswebapp.ml/domain name. 

You can directly check our web app here: