Tethys e-ID: Accelerating Digital Transformation

Tethys’ mission is to help growing communities modernize their identification systems for better efficiency and effectiveness as smart cities emerge across the globe.

How Can You Support Digital Transformation?

There are two ways you can support the move to e-IDs for better security, privacy, and convenience. You can join us as a partner if your organization is looking for an ID solution. If not, then you can still support this change through a donation via PayPal.


Partner organizations register to use the Tethys apps. Their subscriptions help to increase the pace of innovation. Our partners are the key to long-term funding and sustainability.


Individuals can choose to donate funds to assist in the digital transformation of our society. Increased security, better privacy, and more convenience are all goals worthy of your personal investment.

Why Support Digital Transformation?

Advances in Artificial Intelligence and data democratization help all of us. Our communities benefit from understanding of how citizens use services and interact with each other. Data-driven decisions is made to help us provide better services, protect against fraud, and streamline governance.

Your support helps us in these ways:

Better data collection and analysis through using e-IDs leads to better services and more accountability for local governments.

Ways to Support Tethys

Contact us to discuss how you can support the digital transformation project.