Accelerating Digital Transformation

Functionality View of Tethyseid Facial Recognition App | Tethyseid

Our visionĀ is inspired by theĀ desire to help communitiesĀ and businesses with the use of constructive technologies.Ā  Read more about our human-centeredĀ vision here.


An average of 1.2 Billion credit card are printed every year, this excludes identification cards, single use passes, transportation passes and other custom use plastic cards. 

What if we could help reduce the environmental harm caused by traditional plastic IDs production by accelerating a the digital transition ? and the CPESS aim to give back to communities by collaborating with schools to educate youth about technological trends as often as they rise and with universities to discover impactful applications of these technologies via researches and studies .


To democratize the use of State of the Art Artificial Intelligence concepts and processes to foster the rise of new potentials all over the globe.

It also happens that Tethys provides digital ID solutions, that will help everyone step into the digital society.


To help organizations bridge technology gaps by providing in depth analytics on real-life traffic to their establishments, versus online metrics.

With our advanced analytics processes, we ensure of high quality data without compromising the privacy of our users.

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